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The Pull List – God of War #2

By Chris

An angry pack of berserkers has followed Kratos to his home. Ready to defend his son Atreus, Kratos launches to attack the members of the mysterious bear cult. With countless battle experience, Kratos handles the attacking bear warriors, but Atreus has never tension of combat. Afraid he will be lost in the bloodlust, Kratos grapples with his violent urges while in front of his son. How long will Kratos hide the fury that burns inside of him, and surprises do the berserkers have in plan for Kratos and his family?

Issue two kicks off the action with a fight sequence that has the high energy intensity as the video games. You can easily imagine the war drums beat in the background as Kratos uses his might to take on his attackers. No longer aided by the blades of chaos, he relies on his bare hands and anything he can grab to fight. Kratos is reduced to his essentials at this point. Leaving behind the man gifts from his past and living a simple life with his family. Kratos has can still fight but has not yet trained his son to be like the warrior he was, something that Spartans begin at an early age. However, due to Kratos’ Spartan past, he treats Atreus less like a son and more as a trainee.

As the story heads to issue three, the relationship between Kratos and Atreus is tested. Atreus does not truly know the past of his father and Kratos fears he can lose the new life he built. The berserkers are unknown foes to Kratos and his son has no experience to be left alone, so Kratos must find aid to protect his family in the next exciting chapter coming out in January.

God of War #2 will be on sale December 12th, 2018.

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