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BrightBurn Asks “What if Superman Grew Up Evil?” (Trailer)

Posted on December 8, 2018 by

Produced by James Gunn, next year’s BrightBurn basically re-imagines Superman’s origin story and turns it into a horror movie.  Elizabeth Banks and David Denman are essentially Ma and Pa Kent, a childless couple praying for a child when an alien spacecraft with an infant crashes onto their farm and they raise him as their own.  When he gets to around to around middle school age, Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn) starts drawing strange symbols and his powers start to really manifest in frightening ways.  He seems to have all of Superman’s powers like laser vision, strength, flight and invulnerability but they seem to be driving him insane and evil rather than into the champion of Earth like Kal-El.  James’ brother Brian Gunn and their cousin Mark Gunn wrote the script and it’s being directed by David Yarovesky, who worked on Guardians and The Belko Experiment for Gunn and directed the smaller sci-fi thriller The Hive.  It’s coming out on Memorial Day next summer and you can check out the trailer below.

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