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The Pull List – Captain Ginger #3

Posted on December 11, 2018 by

To ensure the safety of his crew, Captain Ginger seeks out a communication signal coming from a desolate region of space. Bringing along Sergeant Mittens, the pair journey into unknown territory while trying to mend their rocky relationship.  Meanwhile, Science Cat discovers a hidden file left behind by the Feeders, a term the felines called the extinct human species. Science Cat’s discovery may unlock clues to how cats evolved to fly spacecrafts, and why the dangerous Lumens are hunting the Indomitable. 

Issue three examines a little of a time before humanity was wiped out. The humans have left technology and instructions for the cats once they are able to pick up the pieces left behind. Abandon space stations, communication post, and cryptic instructions are scattered among the stars in space. One scientist in the past prepared clues for someone or something clever enough to follow it to his recordings. These strange clues are clearing up the forgotten history of the fall of man, and the rise of cats. 

Stuart Moore sets up a dysfunctional space crew that somehow remains a solid team despite all the tension. Captain Ginger is presented as an amiable leader, choosing to be diplomatic with Sergeant Mittens instead of forcing his rank over his subordinate. The Captain is focused on the bigger matter at hand, with the survival of his crew and the threat of the Lumens, he can’t afford to waste time on petty disagreements. Sergeant Mittens quickly understands the crisis, but it doesn’t stop him from giving the Captain and everyone else a hard time. June Bridgman, Roy Richardson, and Veronica Gandini greatly show their artistic talents with fun character designs that make you want to scratch their cute furry heads but also want to pull back that hand when these human size house cats start to clean themselves.  These cats may pilot space crafts and operate atomic equipment, but they haven’t exactly mastered the toilet yet.  This exciting and thrill story heads to a big reveal, promising more twist and revolutions, the crew of the Indomitable must be prepared for anything in the next issue. 

Included in this issue: a Hashtag: Danger comic by Tom Peyer, Randy Elliott, Andy Troy, and Rob Steen. A look into how sci-fi was created in A Brief History of Science Fiction by Kek-W and Steve Conley. A business statement about eels in the workplace in Company Policy Regarding Eels by Mark Russell and Ryan KellyAnd an X-Files inspired investigation of about creature known as Santa Clause in X-mas Files by Frank Cammuso, Hart Seely, and Peter Gross. 



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