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The Pull List – Cyko KO! #3

Posted on December 14, 2018 by

When Cyko KO has the chance to take on the Devil Spider, an evil giant spider that destroyed Cyko’s father, Mega KO, Cyko eagerly accepts the mission. Wishing to face the Devil Spider alone, he prepares to use his secret weapon, the Multi Action Dimensional Super Kinetic Laser Zapper, or MADSKLZ, a superweapon with unknown powers. But Cyko doesn’t have to know what his weapon does in order to use it against his foe, especially when he is close to avenging his father. Heading to the lair of the Dead Spider, can Cyko KO entrap the arachnoid predator before shares his father’s fate?

Loaded with humor, pop culture references and an appearance by an impish double, issue three of Cyko KO shows that getting payback can be funny. In a short flashback to Mega KO’s last battle, Mega KO was defeated and vaporized by Devil Spider but damaged the spider enough to cause it to go into hiding. Kreskin is able to find Devil Spider’s hideout and sends Cyko to finish what Mega KO had started. Ordinally a quest for revenge would be taken seriously, but that won’t be the Cyko way of being a hero. Using a weapon that he had been being since he was five, Cyko jokes and taunts his way to the monstrous spider, spouting out a few catchphrases from the ’80s and ’90s when he can.

Rob Feldman continues to pay homage to the Hanna Barbera themes by introducing a cross-dimensional creature known as Blipson Facto. Similar to classic tiny helpers like The Great Gazoo from The Flintstones or Bat-Mite from Batman, Blipson Facto has come to lend a hand to Cyko KO, whatever Cyko KO likes it or not. Overall, any comic fan that likes slapstick, wholesome humor will enjoy Cyko’s latest adventure and will hope to see more of the pinball playing jokester in future tales.

Cyko KO! #3 will be on sale December 19th, 2018

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