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The Pull List – High Heaven #4

Posted on December 17, 2018 by

David gets a peek into a council of members of heaven’s execs and does not like what he sees. Instead of wise and benevolent leaders, he witnesses a committee that thinks too highly of themselves. Believing that free will is too much for humanity to handle, scientific genius Galileo Galilei devises a substance called L-meat and terrible effects on the humans on earth. Discovering that heaven is much worse than he initially thought, David now scrambles to find a way out. 

Issue four delves into the dominant heads that rule over heaven. A group of famous figures watch over the development of humanity and have begun to become a bit jaded to the progressive thoughts. To them, free will is too good for some people and some people deserve no special treatment, especially not the luxury life in high heaven.  David gets outraged cause he knew that something was wrong with his accommodations, thinking that heaven has been hiding its real rewards.  With the use of L-meat, heaven can discipline humanity to follow what they say and manage the afterlife to their own liking.  

If absolute power corrupts absolutely, then heavenly power can cause devasting consequences for humans. Tom Peyer pulls back the curtain to reveal that heaven might not be a paradise and might have some issues to work out. This story about one man’s downward spiral of bad luck is becoming an odd redemption tale with a very pessimistic hero. David constant complaining begins to rock the structure of heaven, and some people do not like that. Just when David that upsetting his dorm mates was difficult, he has no idea what will happen to him once heaven starts to come after him. 

Included in this issue: a Hashtag: Danger comic by Tom Peyer and Chris Giarrusso. A short story about becoming your ideal persona in Transformation by Carol Lay. A teenage girl experience love and romance in high school in A New Week by Johanna Beate Stumpf and Alan Robinson. A series of letters are exchanged about tiny cows in Miniature Cattle by Mark Russell and Danny SchwartzAnd a young girl reflects about her past while recovering from an injury in Temporarily Sidelined by Matthew Sharpe and Cayetano Valenzuela. 

High Heaven #4 will be released December 19th, 2018.

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