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The Pull List – Bloodshot: Rising Spirit #2

Posted on December 18, 2018 by

Experimented, analyzed and retested, Project Rising Spirit is struggling to figure out why Bloodshot is rejecting multiple memory implants. Mob hitman, war veteran, test subject; all these past lives are crumbling apart, sending Bloodshot into a fit of rage. Distorted experiences leave Bloodshot confused to what is real and what is artificial. As his mind is prepared for another round of testing, Project Rising Spirit looks to have their deadliest weapon to be a clean slate for them to create the perfect supersoldier.

Issue two delves into Project Rising Spirit’s attempt to reprogram Bloodshot’s mind. They had used false memories in the past to control Bloodshot and found methods to keep his mind content. But years of brainwashing and damage to Bloodshot’s system causing resistants for the experiments, forcing Project Rising Spirit to gauge the cost of their prototype weapon. Bloodshot is powerful, deadly and nearly indestructible, but without complete control, it could be deemed a failure.

Writer Kevin Grevioux takes a closer look at the science behind Bloodshot’s amazing nanites development. With Project Rising Sprite seeking to further enhance Bloodshot’s consciousness and capabilities, they are willing to exchange more of Bloodshot’s humanity for the goal of a perfect weapon. This issue gives a peek at the people in charge of leading Bloodshot through his suffering. Researchers, corporate figures, and armed forces watch for Bloodshot to fall in line, and take any orders given to him. Bloodshot’s future lies in how well his mind can handle his understanding of the past, and more surprise awaits in the next month’s issue.

Bloodshot: Rising Spirit #2 will be on sale December 19th, 2018.

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