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The Pull List – Feast or Famine #1

Posted on December 18, 2018 by

Set in an alternate past, a brilliant inventor Nicholas Teska begins his journey to radically change the course of technology in the 19th century. Wishing to guide humanity in an open and positive direction, he develops innovated devices that will create more imaginative possibilities. Choosing to help his fellow man over lining the pockets of greedy men, Teska struggles to showcase his technologies against his biggest rival. But when a terrible accident gives Teska the opportunity to lead the future, he teams up with Dr. Albalien Stein to develop something that will take them far into the cosmos and challenge all sense of reality.

Issue one of this exciting sci-fi story introduces to Nicholas Teska, a passionate scientist that seeks to improve the future with his work. But he quickly finds out that some people will take credit for other’s hard work and realizes that no good deed goes unpunished. However, fate has a way to intervene, and Teska gets a chance meeting with someone that shares the same vision. Finding help with Anthony Carnagy, he gets a large investment to fund his studies and recruit the best theoretical physicist, Dr. Albalien Stein. Together they create an interstellar device, capable of teleportation. Looking to see how far their experiment will take them, the pair prepare to venture into unknown cosmos.

Creators Dave Swartz, Joseph Cooper, and Micah Myers adapt the real-life history of fame inventor Nikola Tesla for an imaginative story that crosses over in space and time. The advancements in science in the 19th century brought revolutionary break thoughts, inspiring people to bring a betterment for a brighter tomorrow or an easy profit to make on the unsuspecting masses. Like Tesla, Nicholas Teska pursuit into science was to learn and create, not to gain more wealth for the rich. Teska exemplifies what Tesla stood for and his character explores the potential he could have achieved. Feast or Famine slanted to appeal to any fan of Nikola Tesla, and comic readers interested in visionary sci-fi tales.

Feast or Famine #1 will be on sale December 19th, 2018.

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