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Australia Goes Sons of Anarchy with Outlaws (Trailer)

If you’re looking for gritty motorcycle gang crime drama that Sons of Anarchy (and it’s spin-off maybe?) delivered, Australian import Outlaws looks like it should be on your radar next year.  Starring Ryan Corr and Matt Nable, Nable’s Knuck gets out of prison and takes back his position as president of the motorcycle gang Copperheads.  Corr’s character was acting president and his Lady MacBethesque girlfriend convinces him he should try to take the position back, leading to a civil war between the bikers.  It looks like it’s got most of the stuff you’d expect from this kind of crime thriller, except with more accents, and it’s being distributed by the critically beloved A24. It hits on February 1st next year and you can check out the trailer below.

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