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EA Commentary: The Santa Clause

For the last commentary of 2018, and to celebrate the holidays, Zach and Chris watched 1994’s The Santa Clause.  Starring Tim Allen at the height of his 90s Disney power, Allen plays Scott Calvin, a divorced dad who has his son Charlie (Eric Lloyd) for Christmas Eve but they inadvertently kill Santa and, once Scott puts on his suit, he becomes the new Santa and must complete the night and then faces a pretty horrifying transformation before next year’s Christmas.  The guys dive into the barely contained darkness of killing Santa and try to figure out the rules of this universe, imagine alternate versions that are psychological thrillers or legal dramas, the sadness of Denny’s and much more.  The Santa Clause is not streaming anywhere so you’ll have to rent or buy a copy (or use your own copy if you have one) and sync it up to our commentary, grab some eggnog and Christmas cookies and watch along with the Everything Action crew.

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