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Survive against a pack of killers in Last Year: The Nightmare (Trailer)

Elastic Games presents a 6 player co-operative horror title that has 5 players taking up the roles as teenagers try it out smart 1 player controlled killer in a maze of a high school campus. The game takes place at  East Side High School, a school attended by a jocks, geeks and wallflowers. They might have come from different clichés, but the will come together when a pack of vicious killers crash the high school campus on Halloween night. A giant size brute, a masked strangler, and a cold eye axe murder have arrived and are looking for prey to hunt. Now a group of teenagers must figure out a way to fend off the killers while making their way out of the school!

Last Year: The Nightmare focus on team-based game play that has the survivors working together to find resources, open escape routes and battle against the killers. Each player can select a character and a class to gives unique abilities. The classes are Medic, Assault, Technician, and Scout, all gear towards boosting team support and giving a slight edge to preferred play style. For the single player stalking the survivors, there are three monstrous killers to choice from thru out the game. The killer player will be able to move around the level in Predator mode, which turns the player invisible and lets them set up traps or cause distractions. When the time is right, the player can exit Predator mode and then get up close and personal with the survivors.

The horror stereotype, the retro setting and frantic game play will have the 5 survivors scrambling for safety, while letting the killer feel menacing. This looks to be a great cooperate title with any fan of FPS survivor horror should be interested in. The game launched on December 18th for Discord for $29.99 (US). 

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