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The Pull List – God of War #3

By Chris

Kratos seeks out a mystic Seer to learn about the berserkers, the mighty warriors that have come for revenge for their slain clansmen. The Seer reveals the source of the berserkers come from their devotion to a god that gives the warriors the beastly strength of a bear. However, the Seer warns Kratos that challenging the berserkers will have consequences and pursuing this journey any further will come at a price. It will be up to Kratos to decide to carry on his angry to use against the berserkers, losing the chance to be closer with his new family and a step backward to rage-filled slayer that he once embodied.

Issue three explains the berserkers’ ability and the entity that gives them their bear form. The berserkers cult were once a powerful tribe terrorized the lands, but have been reduced in number over time. Kratos’ encounter with the cult has set off a spark for the berserkers to lash out at their new foe. The berserkers are driven by rage, leading them to threaten Kratos and his family with reckless force. Kratos is far too familiar with giving in to the frenzy, dangerously losing his mind to fulfill a bloodlust. Kratos has tried to move past his former life, but fears he will expose his son to the savagery he has kept secret.

In order to protect his family from the berserkers, Kratos will have to confront them at their lair. Hoping to save the last bits of his new life, he is willing to venture deep within the sanctuary of the cult and put a stop to their source of power. As the series heads to the fourth and final chapter, Kratos will face a great fight that will test his commitment to the life he has rebuilt and if he ever could be the father figure Atreus needs.

God of War #3 will be on sale January 9th, 2019.

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