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The Hole in the Ground Brings Some Irish Horror (Trailer)

Critical darling distributor A24 has made their name in recent years with movies like Best Picture Winner Moonlight, Mid90s, Ex Machina and The Disaster Artist but they’ve also put out classy horror movies like Hereditary, The Witch and It Comes At Night.  The Hole in the Ground is one of this year’s releases and it brings an Irish flavor to the horror genre.  Starring Seána Kerslake as Sarah, a young mother who moves her son to a rural small town.  Her son Chris (James Quinn Markey) disappears one night and during her search for him, Sarah finds a massive and ominous sinkhole in the forest near her home.  Chris returns but changes in his behavior and the disturbing comments by a strange neighbor make Sarah suspect that this Chris might not actually be her son.  James Cosmo and Kati Outinen co-star and the movie is directed by Lee Cronin, whose directed a number of shorts and contributed to the horror anthology Minutes to Midnight.  The movie is debuting at the Sundance Film Festival and then will hit theaters on March 1st.  Check out the trailer below.

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