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Sam Elliott is The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then Bigfoot (Trailer)

With perhaps the greatest title in movie history, Sam Elliott is starring in The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then Bigfoot in February.  Elliott plays Calvin Barr, a World War II legend for taking out the Fuhrer, who is recruited by the FBI to track and kill Bigfoot, which is they believe is the source of a viral strain that could become a global pandemic if it’s not stopped.  It looks like there will be quite a bit of flashback to young Calvin, played Aidan Turner, and the movie also doesn’t seem like it’s an over the top, Grindhouse style exploitation movie but actually a somewhat serious drama and Elliott looks great as always.  Ron Livingston, Caitlin Fitzgerald, and Larry Miller co-star and the movie is the feature length debut from Robert D. Krzykowski.  It debuted at a few film festivals last year and it’s arriving in theaters, digital and VOD on February 8th.  Check out the trailer below.

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