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The Pull List – IF Anthology: Horror

Alterna Comics presents a collection of spine-tingling chills in IF Anthology: Horror, a compilation of thrilling and suspenseful short stories from over 20 different comic creators. These tales explore the strange and the grisly terrors of the imagination. There are vengeful spirits, angry science experiments and twisted people that have reached their breaking point. Every writer and artist has a unique style in the anthology, offering a ton of variety in how each comic uses fear and shock in their comic. Some have elements of dark humor, extreme violence, or physiology torture. These stories are set to charm and alarm the readers, leaving them a bit uncomfortable when the lights go out.

Since 2015, Alterna Comics IF Anthology gathers comic book creators from across the globe to create short comics following a single theme. The previous IF Anthology had covered themes of science fiction, superpowers, and crime. This allowed creators of all skill level to showcases their talents and quickly build up their portfolio. Each team of creators put a lot of effort to create fun and interesting pieces, and readers will be sure to find a few tales that will keep their interest.

IF Anthology: Horror is over 190 pages and is in ominous black and white color. These comics are diverse and provide an amazing assortment of fun stories to read. Some tales focus on the suspense, slightly hinting of the panic before its too late. Others are a bit sillier, taking normal events and making it darker. Horror fans that enjoy similar anthology series like Tales from the Crypt and Creepshow, and are itching for more scares should check out this collection and get caught up in the frights.

IF Anthology: Horror will be released January 23rd, 2019.

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