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The Pull List – High Heaven #5

By Chris

Whisked away by the archangel Gabriel, David is headed to an escape route back to Earth, leaving behind the dull and meager living conditions of regular heaven. St. Peter had pushed David too far for Gabriel’s liking and decided to help David escape. In an effort to stop Gabriel and David, St. Peter sends out a pair of archangels to chase after them. With heaven’s guards following them and the portal back to Earth within reach, David can leave this place if he survived through an L-Meat cannon.

The grand moment is finally here, David has found a way out of heaven. After discovering regular heaven isn’t the paradise everyone believes it is, David has been on a mission to make it the greater echelon of heaven’s elite to be in the luxurious high heaven or somehow return to earth. But after learning he has been deemed not worthy to ever reach high heaven, David would rather be on Earth to suffer from his usual routines. At least his food and tv options are better and gets part of himself back. St. Peter turns out to be a bit cruel after centuries of judging over humans, and David constant complaining made St. Peter react a little too harsh. Gabriel finds David attitude towards heaven’s elite to be refreshing and believes that David is a pure soul that deserves better. The two team up for an unexpected escape that threatens the sanctity of heaven.

David’s adventure in heaven has been an amusing story that shows that the afterlife might not be so special. The peril gates might not so shiny when you get really close to them, and poor David just found out first hand that the upper management of the place is not looking out everyone’s interest. This issue closes out the first arc of David’s story, in only five issues David has caused a headache for his family, friends and dorm neighbors. Tom Peyer envisions a heaven that has hierarchy issues and playfully makes fun of it all. The future of the series could determine if David truly deserved his heavenly rewards and possibly more misfortunes for the next arrivals that come to see St. Peter,

Included in this issue: a Hashtag: Danger comic by Tom Peyer and Chris Giarrusso. A short story about a father and son spending some uncomfortable quality time in Family Bonding by David Schmader and Danny Schwartz. A boy meets a talking dog in The Meeting by Mathew Sharpe and Carol Lay. And lastly, Carol Lay offers three short stories. A therapy session gets interrupted in Trigger, a pair of friends go for a car ride in Backfire, and a couple talks about their life choices in Eve. 

High Heaven #5 will be on sale January 23rd, 2019.

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