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Action Hero of the Week: Griffin

Name: Griffin

Occupation: Pizza delivery driver/undercover Rollerboy

Family: Miltie (Brother)

Allies: Casey, Lt. Jaworsky, Speedbagger

Enemies: Gary Lee, Bango, Bullwinkle, the Rollerboys

Weapon(s) of Choice: M-16, Revolver

Body Count: N/A

Memorable Quote:

Gary Lee: [at a Rollerboy office-building, he explains to Griffin why the Rollerboys don’t use their own designer-drugs] I am very strict on this: We have to remain pure. Let the others indulge their weaknesses.

Griffin: Why sell it, then?

Gary Lee: Because we have to, for now; It’s just a phase. Besides, some people just aren’t worth saving… Do you remember when we were kids? Blood Brothers? Penknife and a couple drops of blood?

Griffin: Yeah… We’re lucky we didn’t get tetanus, huh?

Gary Lee: It’s more serious now. Once in, never out. That’s how we live. But you ought to know, I have this thing about betrayers… They tick me off.

See Griffin in Action:

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