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The Pull List – Fight Club 3 #1

Posted on January 28, 2019 by

First, they started a club that was at the tip of everyone’s tongue. Then, they came up with a project to break up civilization to build a better world. When the war on terror kicked off, they raised an army to spread destruction or die trying to make it come true. Now Balthazar, formerly known as Sebastian or Jack, and Tyler Durden are on their greatest plan to rewrite the world. Marla Singer and Balthazar are expecting a new baby on the way, but the father isn’t Balthazar, it’s Tyler. With a son to leave his legacy with, Tyler Durden will craft his masterpiece to leave behind a new world for his child. But that’s if a new anarchistic group doesn’t overpower them first.

Just when the dust settles after the events of Fight Club 2, Balthazar and Marla, and their son have a chance to restart their lives in a new city. Living out of a cheap motel and looking for new beginnings, Balthazar tries to find a job while at home, his son and Marla prepares for her new baby. However, after an accident at a career fair delays Balthazar from traveling back home, Tyler Durden comes out to play once again.

Fight Club 3 looks to be a trippy comic book experience. In the first issue, the dialogue is kept to a minimum while strange events unfold. As a direct sequel from the events of Fight Club 2, which had its own strange occurrences and fourth-wall breaking sequences, don’t expect this to follow any traditional storytelling. Chuck Palahniuk back to once again to throw his own social commentary on today’s societal behaviors. Balthazar is the modern man that tries to fall in line with what is expected out of approved social settings, while Tyler has been trying to destroy all the norms. Fans of the series should definitely pick up this comic series starting this month.

Fight Club 3 will be on sale January 30th, 2019.

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