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The Pull List – Bloodshot: Rising Spirit #3

Posted on January 29, 2019 by

Given a task to cause a geopolitical disaster, the agent known as Moon Blood carries out the most dangerous covert operations in the 19th century. Enhanced by groundbreaking experimental science, an unknown man is able to regenerate his cells and making him a nearly unkillable machine. However, on his last assignment, Moon Blood becomes immobilized for nearly a century until he is found and given a new code name, Blood Shot. With a new identity holding steady, Project Rising Spirit places Blood Shot into the active field to see if they have complete control of their prized asset once again.

With a bowler hat and monocle, the typically shirtless and salvage Blood Shot is transformed into a dapper gentleman spy in his latest iteration. In the memory implant Moon Blood, Blood Shot’s origins begin in the 19th century and is a subject to Project: Resurrected, taking the code name Moon Blood. A loyal servant to his agency, Moon Blood is a deadly one-man army. Keeping his targets afraid and dwindling their numbers as he swiftly carries out his mission. But in an accident, Moon Blood is trapped and is frozen for many years. He is discovered and brought up into the modern version of Project: Resurrected, “Project: Rising Spirit”. What seems like the perfect memory may cover up the truth, but time will only tell if Blood Shot’s mind begins to see thru the lies.

Bloodshot: Rising Spirit #3 will be on sale January 30th, 2019.

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