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EA Commentary: I Come in Peace

For the first commentary of 2019, Zach and Chris watched 1990’s Dolph Lundgren classic, Dark Angel, a.k.a I Come in Peace in later editions. Dolph stars as Jack Caine, a Houston cop whose investigation into his partner’s murder (and other mysterious murders around the city) ends up with him coming face to face with an intergalactic drug dealer who is harvesting human endorphins.  Jack is forced to team up with a snooty FBI agent (Brian Benben), so you get some Lethal Weaponesque buddy cop banter as well.  The guys try to figure out how exactly the evil alien’s drug process works, why the evil alien only knows one phrase, what’s the relationship status of Jack and the coroner and the weird filler side plot involving the “White Boys” gang.  The movie is available below in full thanks to YouTube, so you can sync up the commentary and watch along with the guys right here.

Shout out to Twitter user @Punisher_book for corrections and other Dolph Lundgren facts we might have missed. It’s been a while since we seen this movie and this track gets silly by the end. Enjoy!

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