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The Pull List – The Wrong Earth #6

Posted on February 5, 2019 by

Stuck in their opposite worlds, Dragonflyman and the Dragonfly overcame great challenges adjusting to their strange alternate worlds. However, their presence in their new worlds has spiraling chaotic effects. Both heroes caused problems with the police, their sidekicks and their hunt for Number 1. And now their identity is threatened to be revealed. The Odonata wing crusaders must restore order to their adoptive worlds if they plan to stay any longer!

This epic finale for The Wrong Earth wraps up the amazing introduction story that mashed the campy style of Silver Age of Comics with the intense behaviors in the Dark Age of Comic Books. Tom Peyer takes the body-swapping genre a refreshing entry that highlights what comic fans enjoy from comics of the past and present. The masked dragonfly hero Richard Fame has drastically different approaches to crime fighting on his respective world. The Dragonflyman will use imaginative gadgets and calm words. The Dragonfly will intimidate and terminate with extreme prejudice. But at their most desperate times, they both find a way to overcome the odds. Jamal Igle once again dazzles with great visuals. Every punch, kick, and cheesy pizza slice is nicely drawn, and great character expressions on both Dragonfly men and Number 2. It’s sweet to see the Dragonfly smile and chilling to see the Dragonflyman scowl. 

The additional Dragonfly prequel comic, Rage of the Dragonfly, Part Two: Dawn at Dusk, Doctor Dekay sets off the destruction of Fortunate City with explosives set to crumble the area. Meanwhile, Richard Fame relaxes with Christine Krakowski but dons The Dragonfly mask once again to save the day. When they try to thwart the Dekay’s plan, the evil doctor has a surprise trap that will force the hero to choose between his happiness or justice.

Included in the issue: a short story about reviewing a dentist in Yelp by Carol Lay. Matt Brady talks about the positive advantages of having mechanical limbs in Robotic Arms, with art provided by Joe Orsak. And airhead teenagers try to make a connection in Teenage Troubles written by Steffie De Vaan and illustrated by Cayetano Valenzuela.

The Wrong Earth #6 will be on sale February 6th, 2019.

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