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The Pull List – The Terminator: Sector War #3

Posted on February 14, 2019 by

Needing more firepower and support, Lucy Castro seeks help from a crime boss Papa Oso. The T-800 has been tracking Lucy throughout the streets of New York and has been trying to eliminate Lucy with any means possible. Risking her career as a police officer, Lucy makes a deal with Papa Oso to put a stop to the Terminator’s pursuit. Papa Oso will aid Lucy, but only if she promises to destroy key evidence against Oso’s activities. This exchange a favor to not only save Lucy’s life but a life that will one day free the world.

Lucy Castro’s night keeps getting worst as issue three brings Lucy allying with a criminal and his gang for protection.  Her fight with the Terminator made her realize her standard weaponry isn’t working and needs something with a bigger punch. Papa Oso runs a tough street gang that’s heavily armed and is willing to help for the right terms. Oso’s hideout is a fortified apartment complex, making it an ideal spot to take on the killer cyborg.     

Sometimes it takes evil, to stop evil, and Lucy makes a deal with a devil. Papa Oso is a beast of a man, dressed like a fantasy warlord, and carrying an ax. Brian Wood creates a fun action-sequence that has bullets raining down on the unstoppable machine. This Terminator is trying to corner Lucy for a perfect kill, but she keeps surprising him at every turn. Jeff Stokely and Triona Ferrel create some intense and colorful panels of the slow stalking Terminator making its way to Lucy. There are some great panels of the Terminator taking on the gang with it’s dead staring eyes while the members are throwing everything they have it. Lucy’s fight against the Terminator reaches its climax in the next and final issue coming next month.

The Terminator: Sector War #3 will be released on February 20th, 2019.

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