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The Pull List – Incursion #1

Posted on February 19, 2019 by

Feasting on the living energy across the galaxy, Imperatrix Virago has been harvesting power and warriors in her quest for dominance. Planets with inhabitants become desolated husk as she absorbs living creatures into necromantic energy. Virago has a connection to the Deadside, a realm that contains tormented spirits. Her powers grant dangerous abilities to control the Deadside and needs a large enough planet to vital life. With a heavy appetite, her next meal is Earth, but two guardians will stand in her way. The Geomancer, Tama, and her guardian, Gilad Anni-Padda, the Eternal Warrior, are two powerful Earth protectors. The pair fight to fight to keep the Earth safe from all harm. Now the duo must stop an invasion that will come from beyond the stars and the soul.

Geomancer’s role is to protect the Earth, but the current Geomancer is not a seasoned veteran. Tama, a young time-traveling Geomancer, is still adjusting to her role and is still training. Her powers are incredible but she lacks the experience to be a strong guardian. Gilad has watched over many Geomancers in his countless adventures. He has devoted his immoral life to ensure Geomancers can shield the Earth, for as long as possible. Gilad’s relationship with Tama is a little stressed. They have different views on nature and the sacrifices that are required to become protectors. Tama is concerned for all living things, while Gilad will ensure the safety of the Geomancer by any means necessary. Her innocent understanding of life and death, put some strain on Gilad’s teachings and support. The pair have a strong connection, but Tama is worried about her fate. Their moment of peace is interrupted by Imperatrix Virago, and the pair spring into action to fight off her forces.

Imperatrix Virago, a malicious alien from the deep regions of space has plans to consume life on Earth. Doug Braithwaite design of Virago show her as an imposing figure that radiates a regal and devilish presence. Behind her calm appears, hides a sinister monster.  Her introduction shows her manipulating methods and her destructive might. She recharges her necromantic abilities to commune with the Deadside. The galactic conqueror has built up a collection of slave warriors from the worlds she has destroyed. Virago is a menacing new enemy, looking to tear up Tama and Gilad and drain the Earth dry. Her army gathers to begin their invasion, and Tama and Gilad face them on the battlefield in next month’s issue.

Incursion #1 will be on sale on February 20th, 2019.

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