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The Pull List – Crackdown #1

Posted on February 20, 2019 by

When the criminal organizations begin a campaign to terrorize the innocent, the Agency is there to make sure evil doesn’t escape justice. The Agency is an elite crime-fighting task force, with super soldiers known as Agents. Equipped with the latest high tech equipment and powers, these Agents are sent to take on the most dangerous missions and look cool while doing it. The city of San Reno finds itself in trouble as local gangs form an alliance to stockpile an arsenal of firepower and human trafficking victims. The Agency sends its newest squad of Agents to handle the problem. Lead by Roll, the five-person squad consists of Bruiser, Snipes, Boomer, and Rook. All having different specializes and use their skills for kills. However, when the squad falls for a devious trap, they will have to put their skills to the ultimate test.

Microsoft teams up with Dynamite to bring Crackdown to the comic pages. Jonathan Goff adapts the video game series to focus on a diverse squad of soldiers. The veteran Roll is a tough as nails leader, barking commands while punching in heads. Snipes is a jokester, having a little fun while shooting from the shadows. Bruiser is a hulking brute, smashing the group beneath his enemies. Boomer is a demolitions expert with a fiery attitude. And the Rook is the new guy, backing up the team. Together they go guns blazing in the first few pages, but they soon face a challenge that goes far beyond their training. Ricardo Jaime artwork is stunning and eye catchy. The design of the Agents have fun personality traits and their explosive introduction scene fits matches the over the top nature of the video game series. Natalia Marques plays with a mixture of color palettes, highlighting the futuristic designs and adding a splash of anarchic tones.

There are many elements of Crackdown that translated well to this comic series. The Agents wear advance armor, carry high tech weaponry, and listen to the gung ho, macho talk of the Agency Director. Sadly it is missing our favorite Agent, Terry Crews. The writing is entertaining, going for an action-driven story that feels like a mission from the game. The Agents will take on more gang members and uncover a conspiracy could bring down the Agency in next month’s issue.

Crackdown #1 will be released on February 20th, 2019.

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