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The Pull List – Fight Club 3 #2

Posted on February 22, 2019 by

A night of drinking and fun puts Tyler Durden back into control and Balthazar into a strange situation. Stephanie, a young corporate headhunter, seduces Tyler and spreads a mystery ailment to him. Given instructions to call a number, Balthazar and Tyler are now part of an eccentric operation. Meanwhile, a magical picture frame that has teleported visitors to a beautiful world, becomes a gateway of terror once soldiers appear.

There is a new and unknown organization that has come to succeed Project Mayhem, recruit members in strange new ways. It’s no longer men fighting in bar basements. There is a militant force that is far more deadly. A group that followed Tyler’s words has made their own push to change society. Stephanie, who is part of this new terror group, has tricked Tyler and Balthazar into becoming it’s newest members. How this connects to the magical picture frame is yet to be explained. However, the influence of the picture frame is wonderfully told in a textless sequence. These twist and turns build up a weird and thrilling story, that no one can easily predict.

Chuck Palahniuk dips the plot towards the unusual and weird, leaving plenty of room to surprise the reader in upcoming chapters. Readers will be puzzled but intrigued to see where the story is heading. WIth a pregnant Marla waiting from him, Balthazar must head further down this rabbit hole if he is to survive. But could this new organization be too much for even Tyler to handle? More questions and possible answers will be given in the next issue.

Fight Club 3 #2 will be on sale on February 27th, 2019.

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