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The Critter Return for A New Shudder Exclusive Series (Trailer)

It’s been almost 3 decades since the Critters last menaced Earth in Critters 4 but they are finally returning this year on Shudder in a Shudder exclusive streaming series, Critters: A New Binge.  Coming from the team behind Zombeavers, including Jon and Al Kaplan, who created the “*blank*: The Musical” series on YouTube, A New Binge finds the Critters returning to Earth on a secret mission and terrorizing high-schoolers Charlie, Christopher and Dana and Christopher’s mom Dana, who seems to have encountered the Critters in the past.  The usual gang of intergalactic bounty hunters arrive on Earth as well to hunt down and stop the Critters and it looks like the show is really going full bore with practical and classic looking Critters but the new puppets are able to do things they only dreamed about back in the 80s and 90s.  The new show starts on March 21st on Shudder and you can check out the trailer below.

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