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The Pull List – The Six Million Dollar Man #1

When American astronaut Steve Austin was injured in an accident, a secret government intelligence agency stepped in to rebuild him. Investing six million dollars, Austin underwent an experimental bionic upgrade. Given new legs, an arm, and one eye, Steven can perform superhuman feats. Now Steven Austin is a cybernetic secret agent, using his bionic abilities on top-secret missions across the globe.

On his first assignment, Austin is sent to investigate a potential crisis in Japan. Japanese agent Niko Abe finds documents of a missile project in the technology company ANSA. Niko requests support from America since her own government does not want any involvement. However, instead of a team of agents arriving, she greets only Steve Austin. From her first impression, Austin is not what she pictured for a super spy. With no other choice, Niko teams up with Austin to infiltrate an ANSA’s island base for clues.

The Six Dollar Man is a new take on the classic TV series of the same name. Set in the middle of the 70s, Steven Austin is a rookie agent that is still learning to adapt with his new abilities, while trying to become a whole class spy. That is if he can start taking his job more seriously. Writer Christopher Hastings shows a bit more comedic side to Steve Austin. He’s a bit of a jokester in this version, appearing overwhelmed by the experience. But when it’s time to kick butt, Austin dives straight into action.

David Hahn and Roshan Kurichiyanil have amazing artwork that is full of emotion and depth. The look on Niko’s disappointed face mixed with Austin’s charming smiles is totally hilarious. The fight sequences are fun, showing some of Steve’s abilities as he easily tosses guards around the place. Steve might lack combat skills, but he makes up for it in power. The only thing missing is the bionic sound effects in the scenes, but the reader can just imagine in it for the full effect.

The Six Dollar Man #1 is a great introduction to the series, pleasing fans of the original and is appealing for newcomers. Christopher Hastings sets up a thrilling spy story that has Steve Austin learning to become worthy of the six million dollar parts inside of him. Comic fans that seeking an espionage story with a touch of sci-fi should take a look at this comic when it hits stores this month.

The Six Dollar Man #1 will be on sale on March 6th, 2019.

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