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The Pull List – Mystery Science Theater 3000 #5

By Chris

The campy adventures through of obscure comics continue as the Satellite of Love deal with a falling airplane, mobsters with Tommy guns and an evil iron maiden in this latest chapter. Tom Servo is co-pilot with Shelly Marks in an airplane that is rapidly approaching the ground. If Tom wants the latest scoop on Marks, he has to survive a crash landing first. Jonah and the Blackcat go from taking dangerous shirtless men with actual villains with guns! The Buddha’s Secrets takes a twist that everyone can see coming, but it doesn’t mean it will get any easier for Jonah. Meanwhile, Crow as the Crow Keeper spins another ghoulish story that doesn’t stay scary for long. A man visits a castle to find a museum piece, only to discover something obviously evil in the basement.

Trouble follows Tom and Shelley as the airplane they are flying in decided to have spontaneous engine problems. So instead of learning more of Shelley’s hobbies that don’t involve kidnapping, Tom will have a firsthand experience on crash landing procedures. Jonah and the Blackcat thought their troubles with the Buddha statue was almost over. But a group of tacky suit wearing mobsters goes for a double cross. Blackcat goes on a feline frenzy while Jonah manages to land a punch or two between jokes. Crowkeeper gets transported to a new tale that involves a spooky castle, a greedy man and an Iron Maiden haunted with melting faces. Crow jokes his way through the story that has some laughable imaginary and an uninspired ending. A total package that is ripe to be riffed on.

MST3K manages to stir up some laughs and smiles as the writers brighten up some of the original source material. The mimic vintage artwork by the artist team is a stellar highlight of the comic series and it’s always amazing to see what they can reproduce. The attention to small details and the self-aware humor of this series is what brings readers back for more. However, Kinga Forrester has one final plan left for that crew as this marathon of whacky public domain comics is coming to its climax. What crazy experiment will the mad scientist have? How will the crew survive? More important, what favor of Pizza rolls will be featured next? All these questions and more will be answered in next month’s issue!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 #5 will be on sale on March 20th, 2019.

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