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The Pull List – Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror #6

By Chris

The last few sips left in Poe’s snifter isn’t watered down. This round of the reimagined Edgar Allan Poe stories gets send off with a overstuff issue. With eight features inside, this latest issue has comics, poetry, two short stories, and even a crossword puzzle. The first comic, The Tragic Tale of Franken Cherrie, tells the story of a Franken Cherrie, a lord fighting back the invading army of general. But Franken finds that greed can change men into monsters and himself will change into something more monstrous. The second comic is the conclusion to Le Duc de L’Omelettewhere Mephistopheles has Johann Wolfgang von Goethe prepared to be feasted on. Can Le Duc de L’Omelette make it in time to stop the devil from consuming his latest meal? And the third comic, William Wilson, Inc, follows a rich businessman that copies himself to live out his busy double life.

The Tragic Tale of Franken Cherrie is written by Mark Russell, illustrated by Peter Snejbjerg and lettered by Rob Steen. It’s a horror story that uses certain cereal popular mascots to retell a version of Frankenstein. When an invading army led by General Mills approaches Franken Cherrie land, Lord Cherrie hurries to visit his neighboring allies for support. But he is soon betrayed and becomes part of a horrible experiment. Made into a monster, Cherrie finds no sanctuary will take him in. Mark Russell once again shows his love of cereal mascots and classic horror tales in by making a dark story where the breakfast spokesmen get turned into gritty reinterpretations. The story is hilarious, utilizing the themes from Frankenstein very well. The artwork is great, Peter Snejbjerg makes every cereal character an amusing nightmare version that works well with the story.

The last chapter of Le Duc de L’Omelette written by Kek-W, illustrated by Lee Carter and lettered by Rob Steen, finds Mephistopheles preparing Johann Goethe to be eaten, but L’Omelette tempts Mephistopheles into playing a game for Johann’s soul. The Devil gives into the wager, with the fate of Johann determined by the winner. The story has changed from the original version, making it wildly imaginative. Kek-W manages to keep the reader guessing with every panel on what tricks Mephistopheles has up his sleeves, and where L’Omelette and his giant bird will land into next.

William Wilson, Inc is written by Peter Milligan, illustrations by Sarah Burrini, colors by Lee Loughridge, and lettering by Rob Steen. William Wilson, Inc is based on Edgar Allan Poe’s story William Wilson, where a man named William Wilson is haunted by a doppelganger. Peter Milligan take on the story has a man named John Fate that commissions a clone from William Wilson, Inc in order to continue his leisure activities. Milligan’s story doesn’t get as gothic as the original, playfully making the doppelganger into a business venture. It’s a funny jab at the yuppie dream with a surprise twist. Sarah Burrini and Lee Loughridge design great visuals, creating an 80s vintage look to the comic.

Also included in this issue: The black cat puts it’s heels to Poe’s patience in Poe and the Black Cat by Hunt Emerson. Unruly children get alphabetized in Miss Mordicant’s School for Prestiferous Youth by Lisa R. Jonte and Rick Geary. The experience of how adults enjoy a dinner party is detailed in Welcome to Adult Birthday Dinner Experience! by Matt Buechele and Alan Robinson. A human becomes friends with a gnome and bro out for a bit in The Gnome Problem by Bruce Ingman and Elliott Mattice.

Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror #6 will be on sale on March 20th, 2019.

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