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Everything Action Theater: Monster Force

Before the birth (and quick death) of the Dark Universe, the mid-90s saw Universal trying to make their classic monsters cool and hip for the kids.  1997 was the huge year with official US stamps being released and some incredible Burger King toys but in 1994 saw the release of a short lived animated series called Monster Force.  Seemingly similar to stuff like Mummies Alive!, Monster Force was a joint production of Universal and Canadian studio Lacewood Productions that took place in the far off future of 2020 where a special team, the titular Monster Force, takes on the resurrected Universal Monsters, led by Dracula, who are trying to take over the world.  Taking a cue from Monster Squad, Frankenstein’s Monster is on the side of good alongside Dr. Reed Crawley aka Doc, Luke Talbot, apparently a descendent of original Wolfman Larry Talbot, martial artist Tripp Hansen, sniper Lance McGruder and psychic Shelley Frank.  Alongside Dracula on the side of evil is Imhotep the Mummy, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Bride and Niles Lupon, an evil werewolf.  The show lasted 13 episodes, airing alongside fellow Universal series Exosquad, and also had a toyline with some pretty cool figures, especially the revamped monsters.  You can check out the first episode below, called “Sign of the Dragon”.

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