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The Pull List – Fight Club 3 #3

Posted on March 22, 2019 by

Initiated into a new terror group. Balthazar returns home to find a new job and extra money to spend. Bearing a heart shape mark, Balthazar has to seduce and infect others to avoid being assassinated from his new group. This is a requirement for all members, each trying to increase their infection count to avoid being targeted. Balthazar doesn’t realize how unrelenting members will go until Marla gets chosen to be the next victim. Tyler Durden’s vision for a new society requires sacrifice, but will he give up his unborn child to make that happen?

Balthazar and Tyler’s night of fun with Stephanie has made them in league with a different type of anarchists. Project Mayhem and Rize or Die created terror in secret, this new group likes to make their presences a little more public. Members of this new group bear a heart-shaped mark that shows others they are in involved with this hidden organization and seek out new members to indoctrinate. As the members’ numbers grow, the world will undoubtedly be altered.

While reshaping modern society is something Tyler Durden has wanted, he never thought his heir would be endangered. Previously Tyler had tried to manipulate Marla and Balthazar into breaking up their family, it was believed he never could care about anyone else. Tyler was never a father figure to Balthazar’s son and his chance lies with the baby Marla is carrying. With his biological legacy is at risk, Tyler might begin to see the dangers of this new group.  

Fight Club 3 remains to be a wild ride, offering strange and unusual events that haven’t been addressed yet. While it was expected to see Balthazar be puzzled about his current predicament, Tyler is showing some humanity. The last issue had Tyler not so worried about joining this new mysterious group, but he is showing some early signs of changing his attitude. The race is on for Balthazar to stay alive and continues on in next month’s issue. 

Fight Club 3 #3 will be released on March 27th, 2019.

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