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The Pull List – The Forgotten Queen #2

Charmed by the beauty and the display of strength from a female khan, Vexana is obsessed to claim the conquer as her own. In a test of power, she is able to calm the khan as a prize, but not her beloved’s heart. Vexana grows frustrated the affection is one-sided. But that may all change once she learns of a witch that can give her what she desires most. All is fair in love and war, and War-Monger’s love knows no bounds.

Issue two find Dr. Sarnai Oyuunchimeg retrieving a gauntlet of War-Monger’s, analyzing Vexana’s history from the item. Vexana has wandered from battle to battle without any real meaning. She is a master of inspiration hate, her own weakness is love. Vexana can best the Khan in battle, she only wants to be loved by her. However, the khan does not see Vexana as a worthy partner. Vexana’s chaotic nature does not agree with the khan’s attitude. With all the powers she poses, she cannot handle the feeling of being rejected by this one khan.

It seems there was a peaceful moment in War-Monger’s past that would ultimately affect her life. For the immoral, time is meaningless, but memories carry weight. Tini Howard introduces a soft spot in the foul mouth enchantress, which shows the power and devastation love can motivate. Vexana’s past, present, and future begin to merge as Dr. Sarnai Oyuunchimeg research surfaces a powerful foe in the next issue.

The Forgotten Queen #2 will be on sale on March 27th, 2019.

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