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News Shotgun 4/6

  • Dave Bautista starring in Army of the Dead: Dave Bautista will star in Zack Snyder’s return to the zombie genre in Army of the Dead.  The movie is set in the zombie apocalypse and a team of mercenaries decides to brave the quarantine zone around Las Vegas and pull off the biggest heist in history.  The movie will be a Netflix original but there’s no release date yet.
  • Stallone producing History Channel series The Tenderloin: Sly Stallone is producing and directing some episodes of a new History Channel drama series called The Tenderloin.  Set in turn of the century New York City, the show is based on the true story of Charles Becker, a corrupt and violent cop who ran the “Strong Arm Squad”, who were tasked with keeping the various ethnic gangs of The Tenderloin neighborhood under control through any means necessary.
  • Cillian Murphy in talks to join A Quiet Place 2: With John Krasinski just behind the camera for the upcoming A Quiet Place 2, Cillian Murphy is apparently in talks to be the new male lead opposite Emily Blunt.  Murphy would be “a man with mysterious intentions who joins the family unit”.  Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe are returning as the Abbott kids and the movie has a May 15th, 2020 release date.
  • Mark Hamill is the new Chucky: With Brad Dourif starring in the upcoming proper Child’s Play sequel TV series, Mark Hamill has been cast to play the killer doll in this summer’s reboot movie.  Hamill is obviously a voice acting legend, playing The Joker on Batman: TAS and tons of other projects and he should be able to lend a creepy and iconic voice to the new Chucky.
  • Better Call Saul Season 5 delayed: The next season of Better Call Saul has been delayed to 2020.  There are apparently scheduling issues currently with some of the cast and AMC does not want to proceed unless everyone is available.
  • The Suicide Squad news: The Suicide Squad from James Gunn continues to confuse everyone on whether it’s a sequel or a reboot as Viola Davis and Jai Courtney are coming back as Amanda Waller and Captain Boomerang respectively but Idris Elba is now not playing Deadshot and will instead be a new character, as DC/WB wants to leave the possibility for Will Smith to return as Deadshot at some point.
  • Kumail Nanjiani joins The Eternals: Comedian Kumail Nanjiani has joined the cast of the upcoming cosmic MCU movie The Eternals in an unknown role.  Angelina Jolie is apparently going to play Sersi, an Eternal who had ties to Ancient Greece in the Marvel universe and eventually became an Avenger.
  • Disney says they are going make more Planet of the Apes and Aliens moviesWith control of Fox and it’s properties now, Disney recently said at CinemaCon that they would be making more entries in the Planet of the Apes and Aliens franchises or they at least consider there is “still life in them”.  Planet of the Apes seemingly ended their Caesar trilogy on a satisfying and fantastic conclusion but Aliens is in a bizarre place with the Prometheus/Alien: Covenant combo that is more focused on Michael Fassbender’s David than the actual Xenomorphs and answering questions no one needed answered in bizarre and unsatisfying ways.
  • Live action Cowboy Bebop cast for Netflix: Netflix is developing a live-action series of Shinichiro Watanabe’s iconic anime series Cowboy Bebop and the cast was revealed this week with John Cho in the lead role Spike Spiegel, Mustafa Shakir as Jet Black, Daniella Pineda as Faye Valentine and Alex Hassell as Vicious.  Andre Nemec, Josh Appelbaum, Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg are producing/showrunning but there’s no release date for the series yet.
  • Creepshow casting: Shudder is getting a Creepshow series and they’ve cast some heavy hitters for an episode based on Stephen King’s “Grey Matter”.  Tobin Bell, Giancarlo Esposito, and original Creepshow cast member Adrienne Barbeau.  The plot synopsis is “Doc and Chief, two old-timers in a small, dying town, brave a storm to check on Richie, an alcoholic single father, after encountering his terrified son at the local convenience store” and The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero will direct the episode, which will be one of 12 episodes for the new show.
  • David Harbour and Rachel Weisz join Black Widow movie: The solo Black Widow movie is continuing to move forward with Stranger Things’ David Harbour and Rachel Weisz joining the cast in unknown roles but they both could potentially be the villains of the movie, as there are apparently two main villains, one male, and one female.  There’s no release date yet for the movie.
  • Borderlands 3 gets a release date: Revealed last week, Borderlands 3 now has a release date of September 13 and it will be an exclusive on the Epic Games Store until April 2020. The game features four new Vault Hunters and there will be new worlds beyond the franchise’s main planet of Pandora to explore and get new guns from.
  • Bad Moms getting a third movie: The Bad Moms franchise is becoming a trilogy with a new movie entitled Bad Moms’ Moms, which will follow the mothers of the main characters introduced in A Bad Moms Christmas played by Susan Sarandon, Cheryl Hines, and Christine Baranski.  It’s not clear what the plot will be but apparently, at the end of A Bad Moms Christmas, the older trio ditched their families to go to Las Vegas, so maybe the new movie will be their hi-jinks there?
  • Live-action Akira movie moving forward: The live-action Akira remake that has been in development for years is apparently moving forward, as a story this week revealed that Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way production company has gotten $18.5 million in tax credit, which seems to mean that the movie is going into production soon.  Director Taika Waititi is apparently still attached to direct and he’s indicated in the past that he wants to try and find relatively unknown Asian teens for the lead roles and to try and find a different take on the original manga and not just do a shot for shot remake of the anime.
  • The Umbrella Academy renewed for Season 2: Netflix has renewed their superhero show The Umbrella Academy for a season 2, which is good news for fans who were left on the cliffhanger of Season 1.  The second season goes into production next month and the new season will most likely debut around February of next year.


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