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The Pull List – Bad Luck Chuck #2

Posted on April 18, 2019 by

Chuck gets to know her newest client Fayola while they figure out how to deal with Fayola’s mob boss mother. Fayola is targeted for the large inheritance, but Fayola’s ruthless mother is not going to let her live to get a penny. However, Fayola isn’t the only one being hunted. The cult leader Papa Freedom wants revenge for the loss of church to Chuck. The insurance investigator Ean Sterling suspects Chuck to be a serial arsonist. But before Chuck can deal with all these people, she has to pay her rent.

Issue two revisits a few of Chuck’s previous jobs where her bad luck abilities bring trouble. While her powers can spark extraordinary events to unfold, Chuck views her gifts as a curse. Her jaded personality comes from her guilt of ruining some people’s lives, placing risk on everyone around her for an extended period of time. Nonetheless, Fayola sticks around the bad luck magnet for safety since Chuck has repelled the few attempts on Fayola’s life.

Bad Luck Chuck finds it’s rhythm in this issue, following in the steps of a detective noir with a supernatural twist. Lela Gwenn reveals a bit more detail of Chuck’s past and the extent of the bad luck powers. It’s neat to see how different charms and superstitions affect Chuck’s abilities. Certain numbers, traditions, and ceremonies can protect or destroy everything around Chuck. Chuck’s simple job to return a lost daughter is quickly becoming a messy case than she likes, and the next issue guarantees more mayhem ahead.

Bad Luck Chuck #2 will be on sale on April 24th, 2019.
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