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The Pull List – The Six Million Dollar Man #3

It’s been a rough first mission so far for astronaut turned super spy Steve Austin. He’s been shot at, sliced up and insulted a few things by his partner Niko. Just when it couldn’t get any worst, his battery power needs recharging. But where can a bionic man get a jump start? Steve and Niko attempt to utilize a lighting strike from thunderstorm for an electric boost. There is no knowing if it can energize Steve or fry him to a crisp. It’s a risk they will have to take as an attack helicopter breaks out of from the storm clouds.

Rebuilt with bionic parts and a passion for patriotic duty, Steve thought he was prepared to handle the mission. However, only hours into the start of it, he finds out there is a lot more to the spy game. The technology company ANSA has a well-guarded fortress island that is trying everything it can to keep its secrets. Steve and Niko’s meddling not only sends the ANSA on full alert but ANSA’s secret allies as well.

When he can’t distract foreign enemies with his bad tourist impressions, Steve manages to overcome tough situations with his bionic and some blind luck.  Issue three has great slapstick comedy that focuses Steve’s unbeatable confidence and the temperamental bionic powers that glitch at the worst moments. The plot has plenty of room for more hilarity and surprises in store that throws Steve in a few more perilous situations. The ANSA island houses more than just masked guards and missiles that Steve and Niko will soon find out.

The Six Million Dollar Man #3 will be released on May 1st, 2019.

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