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The Pull List – Avatar: Tsu’tey’s Path #4

By Chris

The Omaticaya clan meet to plan their counterattack on the human invaders. The Sky People have begun to destroy the Omaticaya homeland and are pushing their way further inland. Jake Sully pleads with the Omaticaya to listen to his warning, but Tsu’tey will not hear his words. Overcome with rage, Tsu’tey attacks Jake. All the jealous of sharing the tribute’s attention with an outsider and the destruction of Omaticaya land finally comes to a boiling point for Tsu’tey. While Tsu’tey fights to reclaim his honor, he and the rest of the Omaticaya are unaware of the Sky People intention for a slaughter.


The humiliated Tsu’tey seeks to regain his pride and the trust of his clan by taking on the Sky People. Tsu’tey and his hunters have been preparing for battle and the time for retaliation has come.  While Tsu’tey would have been a voice of reason, his arrogance blinds him to the real dangers. Now the Omaticaya rally for a war that is lead by mania.

Sherri L. Smith explores more of the secondary characters in this issue. There are more insights from Tsu’tey’s hunters and the Omaticaya elders that reflect the angry the Sky People is causing them. Tsu’tey grew bitter from the attention Jake gathered. Tsu’tey has the chance to strike back but the consequences will affect all of the Omaticaya.  The next issue will have the Omaticaya and the Sky People facing off, and the fallout will change Tsu’tey warrior spirit forever. 

Avatar: Tsu’tey’s Path #4 will be on sale on May 1st, 2019.

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