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The Pull List – Red Sonja #4

Posted on April 30, 2019 by

After a successful raid on stolen Zamoran supplies and defeating a squad of mercenaries, the Hyrkanians has pushed Dragan to response with swift action. Dragan gathers its fleet of armored chariots at the front lines of the Zamoran army. Using the chariots pierce through the Hyrkanian army, he would have revenge against Sonja. The Hyrkanians can’t outrun the fast approaching chariots and they’re equipped can’t withstand the shielded chariots. Will Sonja risk her men’s lives in a brutish frontal assault or will she spot a weakness in Dragan’s plans?  

Issue four take a more serious look at Red Sonja’s new responsibilities as a tribute leader. Hyrkania hasn’t been Sonja’s home for many years, she is the Queen and responsible for all the lives at stake. Sonja had won the first few bouts with the Zamoran forces. By striking fast and utilizing the terrain, she was about to outmaneuver Dragan initial plans. However, the war chariots pressure Hyrkanians in a corner. Dragan is growing angry with every passing moment in Hyrkania and is willing to bring down the Hyrkanian army with the might of his empire. 

Mark Russell cleverly doesn’t let Sonja charge into battle without thinking. While it would make for a glorious action sequence for Sonja to ride into Dragan’s camp with the odds against her so soon, Sonja does not take the risk. Russell leads Sonja to let her experience guide her actions. But while it may seem like one side gains an upper hand after each encounter, Sonja and Dragan had just begun their battle and will get a little more personal in the next issue. 

Red Sonja #4 will be on sale on May 1st, 2019.

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