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The Iconic Story Continues in Hulu’s Das Boot Series (Trailer)

Wolfgang Petersen’s Das Boot from 1981 is considered by many one of the greatest films ever made, and definitely one of the greatest WWII movies ever made.  While the upcoming Hulu series shares the same name as the iconic film, it’s actually taking place just under a year after the events of the film.  Set in 1942 France in the German occupied town of La Rochelle, the series stars Phantom Thread’s VIcky Krieps as Simone Strasser, whose brother is one of the sailors on U-612, which has just left port on it’s first major mission.  Lizzy Kaplan co-stars as Carla Monroe, who begins a relationship with Simone and tries to use her to get information for the Resistance. Leonard Scheicher, Vincent Kartheiser, and Tom Wlaschiha co-star.  The series has already aired in the UK on Sky and other European networks and it will arrive on Hulu on June 17th.  Check out the trailer below.

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