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The Pull List – Incursion #4

Posted on May 20, 2019 by

Imperatrix Virago necromantic forces have tracked Gilad and Tama location. Dr. Mirage holds the last line of defense, protecting a dying Tama and Gilad’s body. The Eternal Warrior returns from the Deadside after making a trade to a cure for Tama’s condition. Will Gilad be able to heal Tama to save the Earth or will the planet be absorbed by the necromancy energy?

In order to save Earth, Gilad has traveled into another realm and back to save Tama. There are have been many geomancers that have been under Gilad’s protection, but few have had the relationship Tama shares. Writers Alex Paknadel and Andy Diggle demonstrate the extent of Gilad care for Tama in this series. Gilad journeys incredibly dangerous situations and battles monstrous creatures for Tama’s safety. Gilad is a brutal combatant that is balanced by his gentle, humanizing guidances towards Tama. Artist Doug Braithwaite has a very dramatic style that shows every character’s tense expressions. Dr. Mirage gets in a bit of sword action, exchanging blows with Virago and being a total badass. Incursion builds up the impending consequences of Gilad’s actions, and where the Eternal Warrior will head into for his next adventure.

Incursion #4 will be released on May 22nd, 2019.

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