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The Pull List – Wailing Blade #1

Posted on May 20, 2019 by

In an age where humanity has been rebuilt from destruction, a cruel conquer controls the remains of the world. The Tyrant of Minturn terrorizes settlements with fear and blood. Enforcing the tyrant’s rule is the Headtaker, a beast of a man possessing the Wailing Blade. Forged before the descent of humanity, the Wailing Blade is made with technology that has been lost to time. Few people oppose the Tyrant and the Headtaker but one group of bandits challenge the tyrannical order. The Windcleavers are a clan of rebellious scavengers, doing what they must to survive. When one of the leaders of the Windcleavers becomes a prisoner, the Windcleavers are set on a course to clash with the Headtaker.

The creative team of Rich Douek, Joe Mulvey, Chris Sotomayor, Jules Rivera, and Taylor Esposito bring a gritty and bloodstained story for action comic fans. Wailing Blade has an interesting mix of story elements that use a post-apocalyptic setting with futuristic dystopian characters. Borrowing some aspects of a Robin Hood tale, the narrative has familiar with classic medieval tones. The Windcleavers are a group of misfit bandits work together to undermine the vicious authoritarian power. The Headtaker is a massive juggernaut, obediently carries out his task. Following a twisted sense of justice, the Headtaker does not see himself as a villain. The Wailing Blade is shown to be a weapon that is spoken of in whispers, building up the mystery behind the forgotten technology.

The first issue sets up the lead characters nicely. The Headtaker has a gruesome introduction that easily explains his role and the lethal tactics used to scare innocent civilians. Tychon, an ambitious leader of the Windcleavers is eager for a fight but does not take consideration for some of his reckless actions. The characters are alluring, each offering a piece to the bigger picture of the story. The artwork is cartoony and brutal. The character designs are exaggerated to beef up the muscles and ensure blood splattered like jetstreams. Action fans that enjoy a fantasy world with gory visuals, classic narration, and love indie comics should get this series out.

Wailing Blade #1 will be released to comic shops May 29th, 2019 and a preview can be viewed here.
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