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The Pull List – Bloodshot: Rising Spirit #7

By Chris

Project Rising Spirit successfully implants a memory that alters Bloodshot’s mind. Director Cormac had used a radical procedure to insert a false identity and celebrates the experiment’s completion. However, the director is unaware of the consequences of his radical action and a sadistic Bloodshot goes on a rampage. Doctor Olga Strauss and Colonel Gavin Daube, along with a few of Bloodshot’s former field support, are too late to stop Cormac and are locked and loaded to Bloodshot from escaping.

The memory that is implanted in Bloodshot manages to not only rewrite his mind but causes a more vicious personal to emerge. A dangerous and psychotic identity of Richard Tate bonds with Bloodshot and goes berserk inside the Project Rising Spirit research lab. The unstable personality and the powerful nanites make Bloodshot a menacing monster racking up a body count.

Kevin Grevioux dramatically changes Bloodshot to be a villainous brute in this issue. In previous parts, Bloodshot had been portrayed as a tragic hero but this new origin gives Bloodshot a chance to really become wild. The artwork is action-packed and bloody, letting Bloodshot show no mercury in his rampage. The story heads to an epic finale Project Rising Spirit stop Bloodshot from continuing his murderous spread. But who and what will remain after the chase is over?

Bloodshot: Rising Spirit #7 will be on sale on May 29th, 2019.

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