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The Green is Unleashed in the Final Trailer for Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing arrives this coming Friday on DC Universe and there’s one final, full trailer to get everyone hyped.  A deadly virus is sweeping through a small town in Louisianna and Dr. Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed) of the CDC, who grew up in the area, is sent to investigate and starts to realize the virus may be some horrific man-made experiment but there’s also mysterious creatures and a monstrous force lurking in the swamp as well.  Will Patton, Virginia Madsen, Kevin Durand, Andy Bean, Henderson Wade, Jennifer Beals, and Selena Anduze co-star with Derek Mears portraying Swamp Thing.  James Wan is producing and it seems like it’s definitely leaning into his horror expertise, with Swamp Thing being a mysterious and monstrous presence in the shadows.  Check out the trailer below and check out the first episode on May 31st on DC Universe.

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