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The Pull List – Mystery Science Theater 3000 #6

By Chris

The stories of public domain comics get brought back for one last round of experimenting. Jonah Heston, Crow T. Robot, and Tom Servo are reaching the end of their comic stories and ready for their strange grand finale. Jonah becomes a hostage in a plan to draw out Blackcat. Tom Servo tries to escape a group of kidnappers with Shelly, a famous teen actress. And Crowkeeper is back with host a new horror story. Crow follows a crippled pianist that makes a sinister deal for new hands. Kinga Forrester is ready to wrap up and start her bid to become the next big comic icon!

Getting the last bit of comic torture from Satellite of Love crew, the Bubbulat-R is thrown into overdrive. Jonah helps Blackcat track down a jewel thief but fails to spot the obvious hints about what will happen to him. Jumping from one villain to another, Jonah somehow manages to get into trouble. Tom Servo tries to figure out who is responsible for hiring the goons chasing Shelly. He has taken on a bullying house helper, a plane crash and the sass of a drama queen. But his greatest challenge will be surviving the unpredictable mountain. Crow as the ghoulish Crowkeeper returns in a not-so-spooky story that makes fun of the strange narrative and decisions of the main character. Crowkeeper’s tale follows some familiar horror beats, but some added drama from Forrester change things up for the better?

MST3K’s fourth wall breaking comedy style helps tell a goofy finale to wrap up this amazing parody series. The mix of vintage comics and humorous commentary by the MST3K writers is a delightful read for both comic and the tv show fans. Jokes laugh direct hits for big laughs or mild chuckles to fill in the blank, but the writing effort tries it’s best to make sense of the odd visuals. The artwork from Todd Nauck, Mike Manley, and Jack Pollock gives these obscure comics a second life. The mimic artwork of the 40s and 60s adds a nice touch to keep the stories focus on the era, blending in the additional satire pieces with the original work. This comic series proves no entertainment format is safe from clever minds to poke fun of and others should watch out! 

Mystery Science Theater 3000 #6 will be on sale on May 29th, 2019.

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