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The Pull List – The Forgotten Queen #4

In the past, Vexana has turned Vlad Tepe into a barbaric warlord. With Vexana’s power, Vlad gained a thirst for blood that seems to never be quenched. A group of heroes, under the banner called Unity, traveled to Wallachia and put a stop to Vlad and Vexana. Gilad Anni-Padda, known as the Eternal Warrior, reveals his connection to Vexana and the responsibility to her actions. Meanwhile, Vexana is given her history by Doctor Sarnai Oyuunchimeg and convince her to continue her path as a conqueror.

Vexana’s revelation about her family and her powers emerge in this anticipated finale. Tini Howard has shown the many trials and tribulations of the foul mouth, chaos craving villainess that just wanted to belong. Howard crafted Vexana’s background that gave a great insight into her motivations and heartbreaking misfortunes. The art and color work of Amilcar Pinna and Ulises Arreola greatly shaped the raw emotions of the characters. Vlad Tepe is shown as a wild animal than a nobleman. Vexana’s mood swings from nonchalant to angry are quick and potent, accented with great hues of red. No longer just the frustrated War-Monger without a past, the hidden adventures points a new future of her character.

The Forgotten Queen #4 will be on sale on May 29th, 2019.

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