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Musical Montage: The Lonely Island “The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience”

The first major Lonely Island project since the criminally underwatched Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience dropped completely out of nowhere a few weeks ago on Netflix as a “visual poem” following the exploits of the infamous 80s baseball players.  Andy Samberg plays Jose Canseco and Akiva Schaffer plays Mark McGwire and the project is based on the premise that the duo recording a rap album at the height of their home run slamming/steroid abusing popularity with the Oakland As.  The entire 30-minute video is classic Lonely Island, with overconfident, vulgar raps juxtaposed with neurotic ones, random tangents and repetitious lyrics that get more and more ridiculous each time you hear them (think the Cool Beans bit from Hot Rod).  The whole video is 100% worth watching but The Lonely Island released a few of the songs separately on YouTube, so if you are on the fence or somehow don’t have a Netflix account, you can check them out below.

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