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The Pull List – American Gods: The Moment of the Storm #3

Tied to a gigantic tree, visions of the past and future flash before Shadow’s eyes. A sacrificial ceremony takes Shadow into a journey within himself. Supernatural creatures greet Shadow to take him further into the fibers of existence. As he gets closer to his answers, he will come to a revelation that will change his life forever.

Issue three picks up a day after Shadow’s begins his service as a mourner. Shadow had volunteered to be part of a special vigil, one that will grieve the death of by at great suffering. While bound to a tree with no food or water, Shadow watches over Mr. Wednesday’s body for many days. Time slows to a crawl as exposure to the elements and Shadow experiences vivid hallucinations that warp his sense of reality. Celestial avatars and faces from his past appear before him to help or advise him on his odyssey. With each visit, the picture of his true destiny becomes clear.

This issue has great artwork that greatly convents Shadow’s torment. The abstract visuals from the artist team of P. Craig Russell, Scott Hampton and Jennifer T. Lange, pair well with the psychedelic vibe of the narrative. The use of colors and the absence of them, help give attention to Shadow’s isolation. The story will ramp up as Shadow learns of new details about his life and will surely affect the war in the next issue.

American Gods: The Moment of the Storm #3 will be on sale June 19th, 2019

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