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The Pull List – Livewire #7

Posted on June 18, 2019 by

Amanda’s warm reception to the Psiot Safety & Education Program facility turns into a heated fight. Jada, PSEP’s second in command, gets rough with Amanda as a show of force. WIth neither one backing down, the building shakes as the two exchange blows. Meanwhile, Phoebe Daniels, the student Amanda was asked to retrieve, tells her backstory to how she arrived at PSEP. Is PSEP guilt of enslaving their young psiot or is there any truth to the PSEP’s purpose?

Amanda’s investigation into PSEP receives some violent responses. Jada was already edging for a fight with Amanda since she stepped foot into PSEP grounds. Their first fight was rough and Amanda did not want Phoebe to see it get worse. Still holding a grudge, Jada wants to drive Amanda out of PSEP with a clear message. Amanda has the experience to know when an institution is willing to show this kind of resistance, it must be for a secret reason.

Vita Ayala leads a thrilling chapter that has Amanda’s activity re-examined. Amanda has been waging a war to free psiots, but could PSEP be an actual safe haven? Ayala keeps the reader focus on each interaction among Amanda and Ms. Byrce, looking see if either side had made a mistake. Kano’s artwork is crisp and lively. The action sequences flow nicely and showcase Amanda’s and Jada’s athletic abilities.

Issue #7 has excellent pacing to build up the tension between Amanda and PSEP. It is only a matter of time before one side would try to pick apart the other, and PSEP had struck the first blow. Next issue promises a big reveal and the future of Phoebe.

Livewire #7 will be on sale on June 19th, 2019.

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