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Action Hero of the Week: Hester Shaw

By Zach

Name: Hester Shaw

Occupation: Fugitive assassin

Family: Pandora Shaw (Mother), Thaddeus Valentine (Father)

Allies: Tom Natsworthy, Anna Fang, Bevis Pod, Katherine Valentine, Captain Madzimoyo Khora, Sathya Kuranath, Yasmina Rashid, Toa Heke, Nils Lindstrom, Governor Kwan

Enemies: Thaddeus Valentine, Shrike, Vambrace, Dr. Twix, Stigwood

Weapon(s) of Choice: Daggers, future pistol

Body Count: N/A

Memorable Quote: “I was eight years old when my mother died. She loved traveling the world and digging up the past. He used to visit all the time, and then one day everything changed. She’d found something, something he wanted”

See Hester in Action:

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