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The Pull List – Fight Club 3 #6

Posted on June 20, 2019 by

A young man makes his way into the mystery realm contain inside a picture frame. The perplexing object leads to a heavenly world that has brought generations of people to inhabit. But when the young man arrives, he discovers the surrounds has been taken over by the remains of Project Rize or Die, and now is a slave camp for its victims. What does this frame come from and what will Die Off Endeavors do with this power?

With the dialogue kept to a minimum, this issue takes a creative approach to tell the strange origin of a wood frame that has been keeping helping rulers hide away from the world. The frame has been in the hands of power hunger conquerors. With each new invader, there has been an endless supply of slaves to collect. Although Rize or Die was disbanded, it found the frame before their collapse. Rize or Die was the latest to find the frame and use it for their nefarious purpose. The once lush landscapes are now littered with industrial factories. A lifetime of war and strife can be generated within this frame.

Cameron Stewart fantastic artwork takes the spotlight in this issue. Almost all of the story is told through the actions and reaction of the characters and perfectly conveys the unusual narrative. The characters have great expressions that deliver a ton of weight with just a stare. The use of visualized sound effects helps the momentum of the story from skipping a beat, easily telling the increasing drama with this unnamed young man’s journey.

Chuck Palahniuk throws into some biblical shake-ups in this latest chapter. Returning to the unnamed young man from the first issue, Palahniuk gives an explanation to the picture frame that put people into a submissive trance. The supernatural elements shed some light for the mysterious strange. However, it also creates new questions for where the story will path to next.

Fight Club 3 #6 is on sale June 26th, 2019.

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