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The Pull List – Punk Mambo #3

Posted on June 25, 2019 by

After a fight with Uncle Gunnysack and the Tonton Macoute,  Punk Mambo and Josef clash over Punk’s plan to bait the demon with one of the voodoo gods. Josef angrily leaves Punk to report back at his congregation and alert the rest of the voodoo gods. Tagging Uncle Gunnysack, Punk finds the location of where Uncle Gunnysack is keeping the stolen loa spirits. Alone and entering a dangerous hideout, Punk will find out who has been responsible for the kidnappings.

An evil force is gathering up Voodoo power, snatching up everyone and everything that has a connection to the dead. Punk had started her journey to retrieve her taken loa but may be the key to save all of the spiritual worlds from great harm. However, not everyone believes Punk is up to the task. Just after one battle with the Tonton Macoute, Josef disagrees with Punk tactics and attitude. They each have different opinions to treat the loa and voodoo powers, but Josef ultimately dislikes Punk’s arrogance.

The artwork from Adam Gorham and José Villarrubia really shine in this issue. Cullen Bunn lets Punk Mambo be as cocky and cold to Josef and the other voodoo worshippers, and the artwork easy convents all of Punk’s deep seeded feelings. There are fun filters and lighting effects to keep the story feeling a little spooky. The ghostly spirits that trail behind Punk Mambo have great subtle pain in their face. But subtle is exchanged for some punches and kicks in later sequences. Punk doesn’t always rely on her magic to handle herself and put up a scrap with anything she can grab.

The story reaches a great midpoint that reveals some secrets while holding back from telling too much. Punk Mambo meets the person pulling the strings, but it does not go as well as she planned. If she even had a complete plan at all. This could be Punk’s greatest challenge yet and readers shouldn’t miss out.

Punk Mambo #3 will be on sale on June 26th, 2019.

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