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Battle at the Box Office 7/1

As June wrapped up, Toy Story 4 remained on top for another weekend in a row, followed by the weekend’s two new releases.

Toy Story 4 brought in another $57.9 million and dropped about 52% from last weekend.  It’s technically the biggest drop between opening and second weekend for the franchise but only by around 1% and it also opened $10 million higher than Toy Story 3, which was the highest opening Toy Story before last weekend.  It’s still not even close to the “flop” some outlets are trying to paint it as and worldwide it has already made just shy of $500 million.

Annabelle Comes Home took second place with $20.3 million for the weekend.  It’s the lowest opening weekend for the Annabelle series and The Conjuring Universe as a whole but it also opened on Wednesday last weekend, so it’s full total was actually $31.2 million.  That’s still the lowest opening for the franchise though, so I guess the extra days didn’t do too much to help things.  It took in $47 million internationally for a total of $78.4 million.

Yesterday came in third with $17 million.  It’s the biggest opening ever for director Danny Boyle, although only four of his 13 films have opened wide on their first weekend.  There’s not a lot to compare it to as the most similar movie is probably Across the Universe but that was a slowly expanding limited release and never got into over 1,000 theaters.

Aladdin and The Secret Life of Pets 2 rounded out the top five, the former now at just over $876 million worldwide.

Avengers: Endgame jumped back into the top 10 thanks to a new edition that added bonus features after the credits.  The movie made another $5.5 million and its now at $2.764 billion worldwide, still shy of Avatar’s record by about $20 million or so.

The new Child’s Play took a horrific nosedive in its second weekend, falling almost 70% and dropping from second to eighth with $4.3 million.  Luc Besson’s Anna also fell out of the top 10 after barely making it in last weekend, falling to 13th place with only $1.4 million.

Toy Story 4 also took the Per Theater average again with $12,663 in each of the 4,575 theaters it was playing in.

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